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Animal welfare charity executive director steps down

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Animal welfare charity and online pet adoption platform, PetRescue, has announced that John Bishop resigned from his position as Co-Founder and Executive Director this month, following 17 years of service.

Since co-founding PetRescue in 2004, John also known as JB has seen significant changes in the animal welfare industry across Australia.

“When we first conceived PetRescue, I spent most evenings and weekends over the course of a year creating the first version of the website and at the time, I didn’t really know if the work I was doing would have an impact or not,” said John. “But I remember thinking if just one pet found a new home as a result, then it would be all worth it.”

“From those small beginnings, we’ve grown, evolved, adapted and helped over 680,000 pets find new homes, which is such an amazing result,” he said.

Today, hundreds of rescue organisations across the nation utilise PetRescue’s adoption services to find homes for the pets in their care, and participating in PetRescue’s programs to support the valuable work they do.

One of the most significant PetRescue programs has leveraged key corporate partnerships with Mars Petcare and PETstock to donate and distribute over $10 million worth of food and pet care products to its member rescue organisations across Australia.

From the noughties to now, John’s focus has been overseeing the technical evolution of the organisation, while playing a key role in many other aspects of the business, including team and campaign management, content development, partnerships and fundraising.

“To be involved in starting a boot-strapped charity with no external funding or support and evolve it to be the sustainable, forward-thinking organisation that it is today has been a simply amazing journey,” said John.

“While it has been a hard decision to move on from PetRescue, especially with some seriously incredible new initiatives underway, it’s the right time. I’m confident that with their passionate, dedicated team – the best I’ve ever had the honour of working alongside – PetRescue will continue to do amazing, impactful work long into the future.”

Moving forward, John is planning to invest his time pursuing new projects and his passion for teaching yoga at the studio he runs with his wife in the Perth hills.

PetRescue Co-founder and Executive Director Vickie Davy said: “We thank JB for his unwavering commitment and determination to fulfill our mission to help create happiness and save lives.

“With all the hard work he’s put into making every milestone possible at PetRescue, JB leaves an incredible legacy. 17 years of service in animal welfare is epic! And while it marks the end of an era for PetRescue, we truly wish him all the best in his future ventures.”

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