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Association shows initiative in promoting public presence

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As part of National Engineering Week, the ACEA will be holding a Bridge Building Challenge for Engineering Undergraduate students. ACEA CEO, Megan Motto highlighted the importance of using such national events to promote the ACEA as a leading body in the engineering industry.

By engaging and rewarding young engineers, the ACEA demonstrates its presence as an industry leader, committed to promoting engineering to the broader community and encouraging budding talents.

“The ACEA Bridge Building Competition is an opportunity to educate the public about what engineers do in their community and help inspire students to take up engineering as a career choice, which is critical given the current skill shortage,” Motto said.

National Engineering Week is a vital opportunity to promote the world class standard of Australian engineering. Events such as the ACEA Bridge Building Competition utilize the public arena to engage the broader community and educate them about the impact of engineering on everyday life.

Participants from five NSW universities will attempt to build the lightest bridge able to carry a predetermined load, competing for the $2,000 prize.

This year’s ACEA Bridge Building Competition will take place this Friday 7 August at Customs House Square, Circular Quay, Sydney.

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