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Associations bettering the world

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The ASAE (American Society for Association Executives) & the Center for Association Leadership annually present the awards, which recognise associations’ programs, projects and activities that significantly overseas societies and economies outside of the US.

ASAE & The Center President and CEO John Graham IV said “Associations and their members are involved in many projects around the world and contribute their time, resources and innovative ideas to local communities worldwide.

“[They] show their commitment and dedication to making our world a better place and we are honoured to recognise their work.”

Awards are given according to two categories:

  • US/Developed Nation, which was awarded to the NRECA International Foundation from Arlington, Virginia – in the US – for its ‘Electrification of Yei’ initiative in Southern Sudan involving overseas volunteers; and
  • Developing Nation, which went to the Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE) for its E-Learning training program in Lima, Peru.

For a full list of award recipients please click here

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