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Associations step up campaign to keep jobs in Australia

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The FIAC is a national initiative to raise awareness of the great range of innovative, high quality products manufactured by Australia’s furniture and bedding industry; and the benefits to consumers of buying products designed and built by Australians for Australians. A collaborative project between state FIAA bodies and the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign, the FIAC is generating consumer demand for Australian made furniture and bedding to keep this industry alive.

Allyn Beard, Chairman of the FIAC says “I am delighted to announce that FIAA in NSW & SA has joined the FIAC, this will make it a truly national initiative. Boasting support from the Furnishing Industry in each state the FIAC can now get on with the task of promoting great Australian furniture and bedding.”

The furniture and bedding industry in Australia currently employs around 80,000 people, but this figure has fallen 25 per cent in recent years as a direct result of the influx of cheap imported furniture into Australia. By raising the public’s awareness of the value and quality of Australian made furniture and bedding the FIAC is a campaign to reverse this trend for the benefit of all in the industry.

“We are very proud to be joining this excellent campaign” says Martin Lewis, General Manager of FIAA, NSW. “We believe that this is the best way to ensure the ongoing sustainability of jobs in our industry”.

FIAA, NSW will be joining Furnishing Industry of Australia state bodies from Queensland, Vic/Tas and WA along with the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign.

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