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ATO Compliance program 2009-10 released

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In 2009-10 the ATO will focus on:
• deliberate misuse of tax concessions
• ensuring taxable non-profit organisations understand and meet their obligations
• closely-controlled organisations
• activities not consistent with any special exemption
• integrity of business systems, including record-keeping and dealing with unusual or complex transactions
• intentional or inadvertent complicity with tax avoidance arrangements of others, for example, trusts distributing large amounts of tax law income or capital to charities but paying only nominal amounts.

The ATO has also promised to:
– review 200 non-profit entities to determine continued eligibility for concessions, including deductible gift recipient status
– check that they are making correct calculations in relation to fringe benefits tax and mutuality exemptions
– review 95 non-profit employers to ensure they are complying with their responsibilities to workers
– talk to any non-profit entity where there is any connection with a tax avoidance scheme.

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