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Eliza Li author

Eliza is Co-founder & Managing Director of Halad to Health. Her four years of global health development experience began with her volunteering as a medical aid student in the Philippines and representing Australia to study the most pressing public health issues in Indonesia with ACICIS (Australian Consortium for In Country Indonesian Studies). Before launching Halad, she studied both Biomedicine and Commerce across Australia, Sri Lanka, Italy and the USA, and completed her entrepreneurial fellowship at Monash University, Australia. She has led girls in Australian high schools to launch their own projects through an entrepreneurial education program she started in 2018 and is dedicated to using her knowledge and entrepreneurial skills to create opportunities for others in closing the gap in global health and education inequalities. For her commitment to making a social impact, Eliza was named one of Australia’s Young Achievers of the Year for Social Impact in 2018 and Monash Business School’s Future Global Leader in 2019.