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Glen Campbell author

Glen Campbell is the founder of BillyGuard Pty Ltd, a platform that enables people who are being cyberbullied to fight back and do something about it. Glen is a family man who has 3 adult children, 2 teen stepchildren and 3 grandchildren. He has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years in senor roles for regional and global corporations including Intuit, Syspro, Reckon and Halogen Software. He has been in and around the internet and technology from its very early days, and has seen both the best and worst things that technology can be used for. Following the death of a close friend’s teen son (after being bullied online), Glen decided to do something about the “wild west” that the technology world has become. BillyGuard was founded in October 2019, and formally launched in February 2020. Since its launch BillyGuard has rapidly gained an interest from around the world. BillyGuard is growing rapidly and now have 32 staff working on various parts of the business in 11 Countries. In addition to being the founder of BillyGuard, glen enjoys a number of things outside of work. These include anything to do with water, playing guitar, watching sport and travelling to explore other locations and cultures. One of Glen’s favourite places to go to is Malta because of the history, food, climate and its people.