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Blue Knot Foundation welcomes Labor government, with high hopes for social justice and inclusion

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Social Justice

Blue Knot Foundation, National Centre of Excellence for Complex Trauma, has today announced their support for Labor’s federal election win, and their excitement for new opportunities within the social justice space.

In line with Anthony Albanese’s acceptance speech, where he described an Australia that “places no restrictions on your journey in life”, Blue Knot are hopeful that this means further support will be provided for those living with the impacts of repeated interpersonal trauma including those with disability and mental ill health.

Today, Dr Cathy Kezelman, President of Blue Knot Foundation, congratulates the incoming Labor government and looks forward to working with its Ministry, which has committed to a more inclusive society.

As the Prime Minister stressed in his election night speech: “no one left behind, because we should always look after the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.”

Blue Knot welcomes this sentiment, and is enthusiastic to work with a government that recognises and responds to the needs of people who have experienced repeated trauma, violence, abuse, and neglect at the hands of other people, often as children, and often perpetrated by the very people trusted with their care.

Previous Labor Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, announced the establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 12 November 2012. The Commission was a watershed inquiry for Australia which over five years heard testimony from thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions.

Since then, Australia has evidenced many critical conversations around sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic and family violence, and with that an awakening around social justice and truth telling. The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability is set to report at the end September 2023.

Blue Knot welcomes Labor’s response to its recommendations, which will align with its express commitment to the NDIS, and to that of the ongoing support needed for people living with disability society-wide.

Blue Knot looks forward to working with the Albanese government and together navigating a better world for those whose experiences have posed restrictions and barriers on their journey in life, but who with the right support can live full, meaningful and connected lives.


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