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Pay increases for aged care workers to greatly benefit older Australians

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Anglicare Australia has said that the Government’s commitment to fund pay increases for aged care workers is good news for hard working staff, the aged care sector, and most importantly, for older people.

“Everyone deserves quality care as they get older. All of us should be able to get quality care with dignity when needed. The only way to deliver that care is with a strong workforce,” said Anglicare Australia Executive Director Kasy Chambers.

“Yet Australia’s aged care workforce is under pressure. Research from the Australian Aged Care Collaboration and Anglicare Australia has shown that wages for aged care workers haven’t kept up with living costs, with workers across the sector being priced out of their own communities. It also found that many workers are leaving aged care altogether.

“A strong workforce is well trained and skilled. It comprises people dedicated to their role and paid enough to ensure they don’t need a second job. Wages must reflect this.

“That’s why the Government’s support for a pay increase is so important – along with their commitment to funding the increase.

“By making this commitment, the Government is reaffirming one of its most important election promises. It also majors unfinished business from last year’s landmark Royal Commission.

“Aged care workers across the country will applaud this news, which will strengthen the workforce and help it support older people.

“Anglicare Australia will keep working with the Government to make sure we have a strong workforce, and quality care – and that Australians get the care they deserve,” Chambers said.

Anglicare Australia seeks to engage with all Australians to build communities of resilience, hope and justice.

The organisation sees the inherent value of each individual and seeks to create a society where everyone’s capacity to participate is welcomed and respected. In building such communities, Anglicare works to change the conditions leading to deprivation and disadvantage. In this task, Anglicare is guided by a strong Code of Ethics, which is reflected in the Strategic Plan.

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Lourdes Antenor is an experienced writer who specialises in the not-for-profit sector and its affiliations. She is the content producer for Third Sector News, an online knowledge-based platform for and about the Australian NFP sector.


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