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Board member awareness for the Board-savvy CEO

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A Board-savvy CEO will be aware of the skills of each of the Board members, both their formal (education, work related etc) and their informal, personal skills.

Often Board members have untapped skill sets, and the Board-savvy CEO will understand and make use of these. Each Board member will have different aspirations regarding their term as a Board member, and the Board-savvy CEO will have discussions with each Board member regarding these aspirations, and work with the Chair to meet or to manage these aspirations.

At the start of each year, ask every Board member the two or three things are that they wish to achieve out of their next year on the Board. Then review this with them at the end of the year as part of the performance review process of the Board – a great discussion point if they have not contributed meaningfully to the Board.

For more on being a Board-savvy CEO, visit Conscious Governance.

Third Sector Professional Development Seminars

Steven will be leading a governance workshop at the Third Sector Professional Development Seminars. Focusing on governance, the Seminar will be held from 1-3 March 2011 in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The format of the day will include a morning of case-study presentations from NFP directors or managers, a networking lunch, and then an afternoon workshop with Steven Bowman.

Director of ‘LifeMastery’, Steven is one of Australia’s leading governance and senior executive team specialists.

Steven’s workshops will be highly interactive and to ensure delegates get the most out of the day, upon registration delegates will be able to submit some of the issues they would most like Steven to cover.

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