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Creativity Australia

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The new organisation, Creativity Australia, founded by Tania de Jong, has a mission “To develop sustainable and creative programs and advocate for creative thinking and leadership around the country in the workforce, and in partnership with the community.”

Creativity Australia has said that, aside from developing innovative mental health and wellbeing programs, it will advocate creative leadership and thinking in all walks of life. It will join with business, academic, educational, community and charity groups to develop these programs that promote and support co-operation, wellbeing, teamwork and harmony through its extensive range of partnerships.

With a tagline of ‘Inspiring minds…Inspiring lives’, the organisation has already attracted a lot of interest with active supporters including Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Allan Fels, Sam Lipski, Hugh Morgan, Evan Thornley, Janine Kirk and Bruce Woodley.

Creativity Australia also intends to provide an events service for corporate entertainment through a partnership with Music Theatre Australia and is currently building relationships with a range of corporate partners.

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