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Crucial innovation survey now open to determine nationwide benchmarks

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A pivotal research study into innovation via organisational practice has launched with charities encouraged to participate in a survey to determine nationwide benchmarks.

Now in its fifth year, the GiveEasy NFP Innovation Index 2019 will identify how charities can make their work more meaningful. The research will facilitate a conversation from the top levels of an organisation and down around innovation best practice.

CEO of GiveEasy, Jeremy Tobias, said charities can measure their own organisations to work out where they are excelling and what the areas of growth are: “We designed this survey for charities to temperature-check their own organisation to work out where their resources will make the most impact.”

The final Index report, released mid-year, will name ten of the top innovative charities, provide case studies from leading organisations and offer how-to guides. During the next few months, sponsors and events will offer tips on how to be innovative.

Each year, organisations show a capacity to grow their impact with innovation. In this Index, innovation will be measured across the smart use of technology, organisational environments, internal and external collaboration and supporter engagement.

As technology evolves and changes organisational practice, charities are finding new ways to offer imperative solutions for services. The Business Leader from eWay, Tony McGrath, said technology offers “a chance to rethink factors in social problems”.

“We are impressed to see the high innovators making use of technology to achieve more for their sector, and enable growth through orientation,” McGrath said.

The Index will ask a series of future-orientated questions. Each organisation will have access to a unique scorecard based on the findings.

Not-for-profits that are leading the way in innovation often have a leadership approach to innovation, including in solving problems and encouraging others to do the same. A lasting impact was found to be more achievable when leaders take an active role.

Director of AGSM at UNSW Business School and sponsor, Magnus Griffins, said: “We know that when leadership teams, executives and board members embrace innovative solutions, then mountains can be moved within the organisation.

“The old motto rings true that lasting change has to come from the leader. So we are actively inviting leaders to take part in this innovation research to start he journey.”

The survey is open now through to the 29th of March 2019. All organisation that have completed the survey will receive a free individual scorecard.


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