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Digital opportunities for the third sector

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PlanBig, an initiative of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, is a new website which provides the resources and support for anyone to make their plan happen in the real world.

With more than 1,600 members, the site is well on its way to reaching its potential to add strength in numbers to an idea or need.

Planners and supporters on the site can participate in a wide range of activities including asking people to volunteer their time, providing space for events, and even donating specific items.

The site acts as an enabler to provide help in getting things done; a premise that could be beneficial to charitable organisations with a specific idea or event requiring community support.

Southern Cross Community Enterprises (SCCE) is a self funded charity providing innovative resource for the non-profit sector. The SCCE Market will be a not-for-profit (NFP) online market, where charities and NFPs can promote, sell and distribute merchandise to raise money to help fund the delivery of programs and services.

SCCE are inviting charities and NFPs to register on its web facility to raise awareness of their organisations and to raise money through its community lottery facility.

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