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Do you manage association events?

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President of the Australiasian Society of Association Executives Simon Pryor will be talking at the 2011 Professional Conference Organisers’ Conference in early December and would like to express the opinions of association managers.

Please send any comments to Simon Pryor via All comments are welcome.

Some points to consider include:

  • Can virtual meetings ever replace face-to-face events?
  • Is the events industry priced appropriately for the not-for-profit sector?
  • Are PCO’s a good buy compared to running meetings and events in house?
  • Are association members still supporting education and professional development events?
  • Have members’ buying habits changed when it come to events?
  • Are programs becoming comprimised due to cost?
  • Do delegates travel as much as they used to?
  • Will delegates travel far to get to a high-quality education event?
  • Are competitors – both not-for-profit and corporate – eating into your events market?
  • How are you responding to competition?
  • Is your association engaging with the rest of Asia?
  • What implications do you see in this for PCOs and the broader meetings and events sector?
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