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Event industry 2011: Hot trends and where to find them!

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RSVP: What has changed?

We have recently relaunched the trade shows RSVP as Melbourne and Sydney’s Event Showcase. The new brand is the expression of what has happened behind the scenes over the past months. As a voice for the special events world, we have conducted extensive research with our stakeholders to ensure that what we offer is highly relevant to them.

We have had lots of calls to re-ignite the fire of the shows. Within the new concept, we will ensure that real business is conducted at the show, and that valuable relationships are built to enhance the future of the events industry within Australia. We believe the evolution of the events spark a movement towards a more sophisticated events landscape.

Why attend the Event Showcases?

An event is an investment in educating staff, exchanging knowledge, or producing common ideas and concepts, however lots of organisations struggle to justify the cost. The Event Showcase is the perfect place to source valuable ideas, the best buys, clever solutions and the best suppliers. This is the one chance of the year to see, touch, hear and taste the entire range of event-related products and services and ‘try before you buy’.

There are exciting events happening within the show, such as the teambuilding showcase, the entertainment showcase and a fashion show for EAs and PAs ! These events will be topped off by the event industry celebration of the year – Party After Dark – the best way to exchange ideas and meet the industry.

What are the hot trends in 2011?

Teambuilding is re-emerging in full swing after being on the back-burner during the recession. Such events are about getting to know each other, building team spirit and establishing a strong culture.

Organisations are also investing in entertainment – but good entertainment that’s classy and of a superb quality – otherwise it is out of the question. Entertainment creates a positive environment, laughter and something to talk about.

Obviously the showcase of new technology is important, including the latest solutions for event marketing, registration and on-site visitor aids such as smart phone apps.

Networking is in high demand. People want to establish meaningful relationships that boost the profitability of their business. Sponsorship opportunities are better discussed over a coffee than on the phone while your desk is cluttered with work.

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