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Evolve Communities launch Australia’s first Indigenous Cultural Awareness Accreditation Program

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Accreditation Program

Evolve awarded scholarships on August 9, 2022, to 8 Indigenous people and approved 6 non-Indigenous people to commence their Assistant Accreditation program.

Evolve Communities is Australia’s trusted authority for Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training and Ally Accreditation that delivers authentic cultural knowledge through workshops, training and professional Accreditation Programs that prove to be crucial in the workplace.

The first Accreditation program was launched for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people wishing to teach Indigenous Cultural Awareness and Allyship training using the Evolve Seven Steps to Reconciliation and Allyship™ framework.

Suitable Indigenous candidates are provided scholarships supporting them to gain this professional qualification and potential employment.

Last year Evolve Communities launched its Ally Accreditation program, the first program of its kind co-designed by an Aboriginal Elder and non-Indigenous community engagement specialist. Their goal is to inspire ten million Allies to create a kinder, more inclusive Australia.

Since launching last year, Evolve has Accredited over 60 Allies from a variety of professional backgrounds including HR managers, business leaders and health practitioners.

This program in Evolve’s Accreditation pathway provides Allies and Indigenous people with further training and the opportunity to work as a subcontractor for Evolve Communities. All of Evolve’s workshops are delivered by a team made up of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitators, modelling Reconciliation and Allyship in action.

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