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How to effectively manage volunteers

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Volunteers are an integral part of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, and the entire third sector. Without them, many organisations would be critically understaffed and others simply wouldn’t be able to achieve what they do currently.

Volunteers also bring energy and motivation to an organisation via their passion for the cause or industry.

While volunteers are undeniably a valuable resource for NFPs, they require effective management and training in order to be of true value. Otherwise, volunteer efforts can become unfocussed, unreliable and even counter-productive.

Third Sector has produced an e-guide to help NFPs effectively manage volunteers to ensure they are an effective and valuable resource.

The e-guide is free for all new and renewed Third Sector magazine subscriptions for a limited time only.

The e-guide includes:

  • Effective methods of volunteer management
  • Volunteer policies that every NFP should enforce
  • How to ensure volunteer resources are used effectively
  • Creating a positive working environment for volunteers
  • Volunteer management checklist.
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