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How to retain and recruit board members

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Knowing that Boards and CEOs have a unique need for information to guide their organisation’s direction, Matrix have developed NFP Board Hour – an interactive and informative discussion series that is designed to provide not-for-profit CEOs and Boards with the latest industry-specific policy and practice for keeping their organisation on track.

The NFP Board Hour is an on-going series of webinars and in-person Boost Breakfast events that are designed exclusively for Board members and CEOs to make a lasting impact on not-for-profit organisations.

The series gives directors and CEOs a convenient source of information about innovative solutions, trends, and the essentials for sound decision making and leadership. It will help Directors and CEOs manage risk as they fulfil the obligations of their roles, explain how to retain and recruit Board members, and ensure that an organisation is armed with the global expertise to handle opportunities and threats as they arise.

By providing a time and place liaise with professionals, Matrix helps Board members practice good governance. With highly-trained industry experts facilitating the sessions, the series is filled with real case examples and practice solutions.

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