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How to secure valuable partnerships

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What is the most important thing to remember when looking to secure a partnership?

Partnerships are a valuable revenue stream that can allow not-for-profits (NFPs) to increase their offerings to their members or the community, to grow their organisation and to expand their reach, exposing the organisation to a wider pool of potential partners of supporters. While the benefits that a NFP organisation would receive from a partnership are clear, it is just as important to consider the benefits that an organisation’s partner would receive.

What is the secret to a successful partnership?

The key to a successful partnership involves working towards a shared outcome to achieve mutual benefits. Ensure that the values and goals of your organisation align with those of your partner. Target organisations and companies that share your vision and aims to ensure the outcomes of the partnership will satisfy both parties. By having a strategic fit, you will be able to better pitch your proposed partnership and, if the partnership eventuates, it is more likely to be a win-win situation, resulting in positive experience for both parties.

What are your five tips for NFPs wanting to establish a partnership?

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