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Featured CEO: Paul Francis OAM talks about the importance of Communication

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Humpty Dumpty Foundation

 Paul Francis OAM, Founder and Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, talks about the importance of communication within charities to maintain strong relationships.

The foundation was originally aiming to simply support the Royal North Shore Hospital’s children’s ward. With the support of the tennis players at Love ‘n Deuce, the largest tennis business in Australia.

Paul describes his journey in establishing the Humpty Dumpty Foundation as a humbling journey and now oversees the foundation’s expert communications teams, highlighting the wonderful conversations they have with their supporters. Humpty now supports a growing list of hospitals all over Australia and provides children’s medical equipment to over 400 hospitals.

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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