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IKEA Australia and Save the Children highlight the real living conditions faced by thousands of Australians

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IKEA Australia has partnered with Save the Children Australia to raise awareness of homelessness driven by domestic and family violence, showcasing real-life living conditions in store 

To highlight the rising number of women and their children experiencing homelessness, IKEA, in partnership with Save the Children, has launched installations to highlight the impact of domestic and family violence as part of its ‘This is not a home’ campaign in its Tempe store.  

IKEA believes that everyone deserves a place to call home. A home that is safe, stable, secure and meets their needs. Yet every night across the country, there are over 120,000 people experiencing homelessness2 and seeking shelter in places that should never have to be called home – whether that’s a car, a tent or sleeping on a friend or relative’s couch. 

“At IKEA, our vision is to create a better everyday life at home,” said IKEA Australia CEO Mirja Viinanen. 

Bringing hidden homelessness out of the shadows and into the IKEA Tempe store, customers will be confronted by different scenes as they go about their customer journey. On entry to the store, customers will see a car that is being used as a home, they will then find a sofa within an IKEA room set that is being slept on and can discover a tent in the IKEA restaurant. The installations exhibit a series of confronting realities to customers, which reveal the real-life living conditions facing thousands of Australians forced to seek shelter in places that should never have to be called home.  

IKEA and Save the Children have come together to help support survivors of domestic and family violence throughout their journey to safety, and recovery and ultimately to find a place to call home. This includes financial assistance for housing and specialist support services, along with design expertise and home furnishings for different types of refuge accommodation.  

“With domestic and family violence usually manifesting at home, and being a leading cause of homelessness in Australia, IKEA believes we have a responsibility to help address this critical national issue,” added Viinanen. 

“Currently in Australia, more than 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic and family violence and 1 in 3 Australian children have experienced domestic and family violence before the age of 103 – this reality is exacerbated by a shortfall of crisis, transitional or long-term housing for the victim-survivors and their families.”  

As part of the campaign, IKEA is inviting customers to join them in taking action by making a donation to Save the Children whenever they shop in-store, online or remotely. This will help ensure more survivors of domestic and family violence are supported throughout their journey to long-term recovery and do not end up homeless.   

According to Viinanen, the purpose of bringing ‘This is not a home’ to life in our Tempe store in collaboration with Save the Children is to help to raise awareness of the stark living situations of women and children escaping domestic violence across the country.  

“Here at IKEA Australia, we are supporting Save the Children with design projects, donations of household products and financial aid – however, we realise the challenge is great, and we hope that our campaign can encourage nationwide support to ensure more families do not end up homeless as a result of domestic and family violence.” 

Similarly, Save the Children Australia CEO Mat Tinkler shared that they are proud to partner with IKEA to raise awareness of domestic and family violence by sharing the stories we hear from women and children across the country.  

“The impact of domestic and family violence on children can be profound and long-lasting, however, children sadly remain all but invisible in DFV policy and services,” said Tinkler.  

“This campaign has allowed us to shine a light on women and children’s experiences and the importance of providing support services that reflect the needs of a child.” 

According to Tinkler, each scene created in the Tempe store activation is informed by a collection of experiences of women and children who have fled a violent home and were supported by Save the Children on the journey to safety and recovery.  

“Our partnership and support from IKEA customers in-store and online will allow us to provide much-needed support – including financial assistance for housing and specialist support services, along with design expertise and home furnishings to help make our refuges welcoming and comfortable for children and families.”  

‘This is not a home’ will be on display in the IKEA Tempe store from 5 June – 31 July. IKEA customers can make a donation to Save the Children at the IKEA checkout in-store or online. 

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Pearl Dy is a community manager and journalist. She is passionate about business and development particularly involving not-for-profits, charity and social entrepreneurship.


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