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In the spotlight… Australian General Practice Network

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Our members…

The AGPN comprises of 111 divisions of general practice and eight state-based organisations. These divisions and organisations are in tune with their local communities’ social health needs, making the network a solid foundation for strengthening Australia’s primary health care system.

The biggest challenge our network faces is…

The Federal Government is investing $417 million to establish a nation-wide network of primary health care organisations, to be known as Medicare Locals. Evolving from the current system to become the 57 Medicare Locals is the biggest challenge facing the AGPN.

Network benefits include…

Given the challenge that the establishment of Medicare Locals poses, being part of a centralised team is extremely beneficial. The AGPN provides members with the tools, fora and corporate information required to make these changes for the benefit of the whole Australian community.

We advocate strongly for…

Delivering local health solutions through general practice to ensure all Australians have access to high quality primary health care.

Our greatest achievement…

Will be establishing Medicare Locals in Australia.

Our events…

Each year the AGPN runs a number of events for general practice network members and others involved in primary health care.

In 2011 the AGPN will be running a series of eight master classes that will further assist the network and other leaders involved in the establishment of Medicare Locals to transition to primary health care organisations.

The largest of the AGPN events is the AGPN National Forum 2011, which will be held in November. More information on AGPN events can be found at

As a Network it is important to…

Increase the role of the divisions of general practice in service planning, and to deliver those services where there is an identified need, efficiently and cost effectively.

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