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Infoxchange and Microsoft launch NFP CRM solution

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The CRM solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and will enable NFPs to manage their interactions with clients and other stakeholders more efficiently. This can include managing contacts and accounts (members), campaign marketing, funding opportunities, donations, pledges, volunteers and even event management. Dynamics CRM also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, providing staff with a familiar interface from which to work from.

The NFP CRM has been developed based on requirements gathered from six foundation partners including the Benevolent Society, Jobs Australia, Impact Support Servies, Greatconnections Travellers Aid and Infoxchange Australia.

These requirements were used to build a detailed specification for development of a solution template that is suited to the NFP sector in Australia. The project started in early 2010 and was made possible through grant funding from Microsoft.

The NFP CRM will be available as a web-based application to NFPs for a low ‘per user, per month’ fee. Infoxchange will work with organisations to determine what is best for their circumstances. If the NFP accepts, the company will then implement the product, organise training and provide ongoing support.

The solution will be available to eligible NFP organisations at a discount or over 50 per cent from the commercial sector pricing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

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