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IWDA celebrating International Women’s Day

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Along with its ‘Half the Sky’ event, the IWDA will be running the ‘Reclaim the F Word’ t-shirt campaign, selling t-shirts featuring the line ‘This is what a feminist looks like’.

“We encourage anyone who believes in gender equality to wear the T-shirt proudly on this milestone day,” said IWDA Executive Director Joanna Hayter.

“By putting the ‘F Word’ back on the agenda, we’re encouraging people to rekindle and reaffirm their commitment to feminist principles.

“We’re working to empower women throughout Asia and the Pacific to transform unequal power relations and address all issues of equality,” Hayter said.

Also on 8 March 2011, the IWDA will be presenting the musical and arts event ‘Half the Sky’ at 7 pm at the Thornbury Theatre in Thornbury, Victoria.

The event will feature artists including Clare Bowditch, Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier, Stiff Gins, Sally Dastey of TIDDAS, Lucie Thorne, The Red Brigade and The Town Bikes.

Tickets are on sale from, and OzTix Outlets (Polyester Records, Greville Records, The Espy Bottleshop, and Fist 2 Face).

Tickets start from $30 for C reserve, up to $80 for A reserve, which includes cabaret seating and a light supper.

All proceeds go to the IWDA.

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