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Spotlight on Jenny Brockis

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Dr. Jenny Brockis specialises in the science of high-performance thinking. She has worked with individuals and organisations to boost mental performance through increased productivity, collaboration and effective leadership. Her approach to overcoming some of the many challenges facing the modern workplace is based on practical neuroscience; to understand why we think or behave the way we do, and to implement behavioural changes that work. Brockis understands that while intentions may be good, changing behaviours is not always easy!
She is an international and TedX speaker, the author of three books including the bestseller Future Brain, and a sought after media commentator for local and national TV and radio, as well as a regular contributor to a number of online and printed media including CEO, Huffington Post and GLOSS.
Day two
Topic: Getting buy-in from a change-fatigued workplace
Effective change requires:

  • Asking what people really want: the freedom to focus on what matters
  • Meaningful work that is engaging and motivating
  • Raving advocates who share the vision
  • Embracing failure by keeping everyone safe
  • Looking for those small wins to keep the momentum and continuum of change evolving

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