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MAYDAY fundraising success

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Media Assisting Youth auctioned $1 million worth of advertising packages, for which interested media made bids, and winning bids were confirmed before the event. These bids, together with the consumer items that the crowd could bid for at the actual MAYDAY event, contributed to the unparalleled amount.

MAYDAY founder Kerry McCabe said “The crowd embraced the cause and energy of the occasion with frenzied bidding on consumer items resulting in the hammer coming down at $860,000.

“Many observers commented that given the current [global financial crisis], getting to even half of last year’s $750,000 result would be impressive.”

100 per cent of proceeds from the event will go directly to the selected youth charities: Youth off the Streets – Aboriginal Youth Services, Newpin, KidsXpress and Musicians Making a Difference.

KidsXpress Chief Executive Officer Margo Ward said of the event, “We all know that MAYDAY is the international call of distress and this week this call has been answered for many young Australian at risk.”

The MAYDAY organisers expressed their thanks to the 50 media owners, agencies and advertisers who contributed in spite of current financial hardship, saying that they “look forward to further aiming to hit their $1 million target next year.

McCabe said “It was a great night, an amazing result, a great celebration, but more importantly, proof that character, empathy and collective spirit is alive and well in Ad land.”

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