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New appeal to help disabled East Timorese children

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Stewart has turned his support toward helping hundreds of children with disabilities by raising vital funds to purchase essential equipment for a small group of Timorese Nuns working in the region.

The money raised will go toward helping the ALMA (Association of Lay Missionaries for the poor and the disabled) Nuns, a small group caring for disabled children in the area.

All fully qualified physiotherapists, in addition to providing free therapy the ALMA Nuns are also teaching parents basic physio techniques to enable them to continue to help their own children to improve movement and flexibility.

“Raising a disabled child is tough enough in Australia, but in one of the world’s newest and poorest nations, it’s just a nightmare,” said Stewart.

“These four amazing women are fighting a constant battle against the odds to treat the number of disabled Timorese children who, in their society are described as ‘the lowest of the low’.”

However, the nuns are limited by their small numbers, as well as a lack of adequate equipment.

Thus, Stewart is calling for Australians to make donations to “help the Nuns in their vital work.”

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