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New CEO and General Manager

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The Australian Communities Foundation welcomes its new CEO Clare Brooks.

Brooks has 20 years of experience within the not-for-profit (NFP) sector, working with over 60 organisations across the UK, US, Central and Eastern Europe and the Czech Republic.

Zelda Tupicoff has been promoted from the position of Business Development Manager to General of Great Southern Press.

Zelda is well-known for her work with the NFP sector, including her role as Third Sector‘s founding Editor.

Zelda will take on many of the duties previously undertaken by Chris Bland, who will remain as Managing Director but will now focus a broader range of projects such as the long-term positioning of the business.

Great Southern Press works with the NFP sector via its division Third Sector Services, which assists NFP organisations with publishing, marketing, events, graphic design and secretariat services across five global offices.

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