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New commitment to accountability for human rights of people with disabilities

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If an effective remedy is not available at home for rights which countries have recognised under the Disability Convention, the Optional Protocol provides for disability rights issues to be taken to the International Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes said this announcement was an important addition to a series of recent commitments by Australian Governments to change the daily realities of exclusion and disadvantage for Australians with disabilities.

All sides of politics and Federal, State and Territory Governments contributed to Australia joining up with the Disability Convention, and work has started on a National Disability Strategy to deliver on that commitment.

“Of course I know that people with disability and their families want to have their human rights respected and fulfilled in practice rather than just the right to complain about it not happening, and that full human rights are far from the daily reality for too many of our people” the Commissioner said. “But I’m very excited about this latest commitment to accountability for human rights as another step in Australians and their governments working together to turn rights into realities.”

The Committee is made up of independent experts elected by parties to the Convention, and includes Australia’s Professor Ron McCallum.

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