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NFP drug and alcohol report

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The Non-government organisations in the alcohol and other drugs sector report also raises issues highly relevant to the NFP sector as a whole, such as:

  • The need for better regulation that is less burdensome on organisations;
  • Addressing workforce capacity in the sector;
  • The role of advocacy and innovation;
  • The importance of sustainable small and medium sized organisations; and,
  • Building a respectful relationship between sectors.

According to the report, findings showed a number of crucial themes for non government organisations (NGOs) to move forward including:

  • Importance of relationships –such as within NGOs, between NGOs and business, and between NGOs and business;
  • Innovation – implementation of new practices and systems to be able to “move ahead in a changing world”;
  • Adherence to the organisational mission – maintaining the core values and independence.

Parliamentary Secretary for Social Inclusion Senator Ursula Stephens said the report was an important contribution toward improving the ways and environment in which the third sector and government work together.

The report is one of a series produced by the Australian National Council on Drugs, which can be downloaded from its website at

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