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NFP introduces new support service for disabled Australians amid COVID-19 restrictions

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Disabled Australians

COVID-19 induced community restrictions continue to challenge the mental wellbeing of disabled Australians, who already face higher levels of psychological distress and social isolation.

To address this, not-for-profit disability provider, Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) has introduced a new person-centred Recovery Coaching service to support individuals with psychosocial disability to achieve meaningful outcomes under the NDIS.

Around one million Australians live with psychosocial disability, which typically impacts a person’s ability to be part of specific environments, cope with time pressures or multiple tasks, interact with others or manage stress.

Afford’s new Recovery Coaching service aims to ease a person’s anxiety about navigating the NDIS by helping them manage complex health, education, or housing challenges.

Facilitated by Support Coordinators or Recovery Coaches who are equipped to provide a higher level of standard support coordination, the service helps individuals identify their strengths, personal abilities and aspirations to then build an effective management plan.

Julio Cevallos, National Manager for Support Coordination at Afford, says the Recovery Coaching service is offered in a one-on-one environment. Individuals work collaboratively with their recovery coach to improve their wellbeing.

“This service will make a difference to the lives of our clients. We help them see the qualities they already have and how they can use them in their day to day lives,” said Cevallos.

Recovery-oriented practice acknowledges that recovery is not necessarily about a cure but instead assisting people in living a full and meaningful life. It is a strength-based approach underpinned by respectful relationships and the understanding that everyone’s journey is different.

“Recovery coaches take a holistic approach to support. They work with individuals to address their unique needs for work, home and day to day life. It’s about understanding what matters most to each individual to help them live the life they want.”

The Recovery Coaching service is NDIS funded and coaches work in partnership and collaborate with clinical mental health services to achieve a positive outcome for clients.

“Recovery Coaching expands our scope and ability to assist a broader range of client needs. We can provide a service specifically for those with mental health needs and support them to achieve their goals for home, work and life under the NDIS,” Cevallos said.

Afford is a registered charity and has been operating in Australia for 70 years, providing a range of disability supports to thousands of people every day.

As one of Australia’s longest-serving not-for-profit disability organisations, Afford supports disabled Australians to achieve their goals for work, home and life under the NDIS.

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