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OH&S risks for not-for-profits

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The survey of 92 Australian not-for-profit organisations conducted by Enterprise Care, found that 99 per cent of all respondents knew they had a legal obligation to address OH&S in their workplace.

However, over half of all respondents did not know, or were unsure, if they had an insurance policy to cover OH&S fines or legal fees in the event of prosecution.

Only 67 per cent of respondents had a formally appointed and trained OH&S representative, and only 40 per cent had professional processes in place to regularly measure the OH&S risk to which their business is exposed.

However, three quarters of respondents reported that their organisation kept up-to-date with WorkSafe legislation in all operating areas.

Managing Director of Enterprise Care Damien Smith said “Directors, CEOs and senior staff need to be confident that their OH&S systems and practices are competent, robust and compliant with current legislation. It is not just one person’s responsibility – it is every person’s responsibility.”

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