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Orange Sky’s volunteer tech software solution rebrands to help improve sector

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Australian not-for-profit organisation, Orange Sky announced the rebrand of its Google award winning software solution, ‘Campfire’.

Orange Sky unveiled a new name, logo and website for the software solution, but emphasised that its mission stays the same; to make volunteer operations easy.

The tech solution is now known as ‘Volaby’ – a volunteer management software solution built by Orange Sky to enable best practice onboarding, rostering and impact data capture for volunteering.

The rebranding initiative coincided with recent changes to the software solution’s growth and evolution over the last eighteen months.

From a fledgling idea to a fully formed solution ripe for supporting the 5.8 million volunteers who donate over 735 million hours of their time to the community per annum, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Volaby established volunteer-involving organisations such as Sea Shepherd Australia and Queensland Meals on Wheels.

The rebrand has provided a platform for the Volaby team to reflect on successes to date with current partners, and where and how they can provide even better support to the not-for-profit sector long into the future.

Orange Sky and Volaby Co-Founder, Nicholas Marchesi said the rename and rebrand represented a significant step in the product’s evolution.

“We are firmly telling the volunteer sector who we are and why we are here to help drive change and shape the improvement of volunteering operations across Australia and New Zealand,” he said.  “The Orange Sky brand is synonymous with trust, credibility and excellence in measuring and reporting social impact in the sector – that’s what has kept Orange Sky going from strength to strength over the last six years. Our vision is that by taking our tech solution Volaby to the market, 33,000 volunteer-involving charities and other organisations across Australian and New Zealand will have the opportunity  to help more people, enable better volunteer operations and support improved impact reporting.”

The new brand identity was developed through a collaborative process with our internal marketing team and social cause agency, ‘Decade of Action’ co-founded by Ebony Gaylor, Adam Ferrier and Margie Reid.

Ebony said an important part of the rebrand was helping the team understand the unique business value that Volaby brought to other volunteer-involving organisations.

“We wanted to help create a brand that showcases the trust and authenticity of the platform and celebrates the critical role that volunteering plays in Australian and New Zealand cultures.” she said

The name reflects the solution and organisation’s vision to make volunteer operations easy. The name Volaby represents the importance of volunteering ability and connecting volunteers with organisations so that more people can be supported. The logo represents the perfect equation needed to support a volunteer making the decision to donate their time; the heart, the head and raising their hand to give up their time to volunteer.

With a mission of giving back, Orange Sky is offering any volunteer-involving organisation the opportunity to have a free trial of Volaby.

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Pearl Dy is a community manager and journalist. She is passionate about business and development particularly involving not-for-profits, charity and social entrepreneurship.


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