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Peak UK and Australian disability employment service providers merge

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The merger sees the largest service providers in the UK and Australia unite to provide innovative support, programs and resources to allow people with disabilities and disadvantages to gain access to mainstream employment and independence.

Shaw Trust already has charitable interests in Romania and Poland and this merger is seen as an opportunity to share and develop experience and best practice in supporting disabled and disadvantaged people in employment internationally.

Interwork, which is based in South Australia, will operate as part of Shaw Trust and will retain its name.

Interwork’s Chief Executive Rosemary Wallage is confident that Interwork and the Shaw Trust’s overlapping principles and commitment to providing exceptional employment services to people with disabilities and other disadvantages as well as their employers will make the merger a success.

“We set out to find a merger partner that could add value to our existing base to meet the fast-growing needs of our sector and who had the same commitment to employment as the best way for people to gain independence and social inclusion. Shaw Trust is that ideal partner,” said Wallage.

“Shaw Trust and Interwork share the same vision and values and we’re delighted that our combined experience can better support the needs of disadvantaged jobseekers and workers. We will be able to reach more employers to provide opportunities for people with a disability and others who experience disadvantage in entering the general employment market.”

International Director of Shaw Trust Bernie Jones echoed Wallage’s enthusiasm.

“We are very excited by this move into Australia…Interwork is a long established and respected welfare to work provider in Australia and we look forward to sharing experience and best practice.”

“This merger will help to strengthen the third sector’s position as a prime provider of welfare to work programs on an international scale. Australian and UK welfare to work programs have a great deal in common, offering us excellent opportunities to share and pool experience and best practice.”

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