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Protecting non-profits against terrorism financing

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In explaining the need for the guidance Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’Connor said, “Financing is an integral part of terrorist activity that can be generated through legitimate sources such as fundraising. A close partnership with the not-for-profit sector is critical to the Government’s ongoing efforts to combat terrorism financing.”

The guidance will:
• build awareness of the risk of being misused for the purpose of terrorism financing;
• outline best practice principles organisations can adopt to help reduce this risk; and
• help organisations understand and comply with legal requirements in relation to terrorism financing.

“The guidance has been developed in consultation with the not-for-profit sector and is intended to help not-for-profit organisations protect themselves from the risk of being misused by individuals or other organisations to finance or support terrorist activity,” Mr O’Connor said

“The not-for-profit sector provides a vital contribution within Australia and overseas and the guidance aims to support their important work and encourages organisations to adopt an appropriate risk-based approach.”

The Guidance for Non-Profit Organisations is available on the National Security website at

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