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Public Interest Registry calls for new domain for not-for-profits

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Not-for-profit (NFP) organisation the Public Interest Registry (PIR) is applying for the creation and management of a new .NGO domain that will be available exclusively to non-government organisations and NFPs worldwide.

The PIR currently manage the .ORG domain. Unlike .ORG the new .NGO will be a closed domain, meaning that organisations will need to show that they are registered as a NFP to get a .NGO domain.

The PIR believe the domain will give local and international NFPs credibility by allowing them to be immediately recognised as a legitimate NFP online.

.NGO will also provide NFPs with an exclusive directory of worldwide NFP organisations to help increase links and collaboration within the sector.

The PIR will be making its application to ICANN, the body that coordinates internet addresses, early this year.

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