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Rich Blak Women podcast’s 2nd Season launched on IWD 2023

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Rich Blak Women podcast launches second season digging deeper into First Nations women’s perspectives on financial wellbeing: Economic empowerment through the lens of money, identity, business, and community for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

The podcast features interviews and stories with deadly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women – rich in culture, value, and mindset – that aim to deepen awareness about the unique economic inequities First Nations women face; investigate resilience, success, and connection to culture; empower financial wellbeing through shared experiences and learnings; and build community and allies.

The First Nations line-up of guests in the new season includes Guyala Bayles (model, actor, activist), Gill Mailman (telecommunications leader), Senator Dorinda Cox (WA Greens), Marcella Ketchell (GBH Torres Strait Sea & Land Council), Shantelle Thompson OAM (Kiilalaana Foundation founder and Jiu Jitsu world champion), Shanell Dargan (boxer and singer), Donnell Wallam (Australian netballer), Celeste Carnegie, (Community Programs & Engagement at Indigitek), and Nornie Bero (Mabu Mabu restaurant owner).

Host, Larisha Jerome, is a proud Jarowair, Wakka Wakka, and Wulli Wulli woman who grew up in Darug Country in Western Sydney and has an extensive background in banking, women’s health, government, and community services.

She leads the Foundation’s Women’s Financial Wellness work addressing the economic injustice First Nations people face and empowering women to achieve full financial wellness and independence.

“This second season of Rich Blak Women provides a deeper insight into what it means to be rich in culture, value, and mindset,” said Jerome.

“I have no doubt every single episode will inspire listeners to reflect on their past of any self-limiting beliefs, of who they are currently embodying in the present, and what they can achieve in the future to create prosperity while honouring themselves and their community.”

Rich Blak Women will be available on Spotify and can be streamed from First Nations Foundation directly. For more information or to listen to the first season, please visit

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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