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Ros Knight appointed as the new Chair of Sydney North Health Network

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Sydney North Health Network announces the election of Ros Knight as Chair of the Board of Directors of Sydney North Health Network (Northern Sydney Primary Health Network). 

The election of Ros followed the decision of Kate Loxton, Chair, to step down as Chair at the end of the July Board meeting. Kate will continue contributing as a Board Director to Sydney North Health Network’s (SNHN) evolution until retiring from the role at SNHN’s November Annual General Meeting. Kate has served as Chair since her election to the role in 2018. 

“With our new CEO Kevin Barrow and his new executive team in place, it is the right time to hand the baton of leadership to a new Chairperson. I remain committed to helping the direction of SNHN by continuing as a Board Director up to our November AGM,” said Kate, 

Ros Knight is an experienced Board Director and has served as a Non-Executive Board Director at Sydney North Health Network for over three years. Ros is a past President of the Australian Psychological Society and has organisational—management experience as Clinic Director at Macquarie University. Ros has a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry and NGOs and is an appointee to the NSW Psychology Council. 

“Ros understands membership organisations, their focus, opportunities, and challenges. These insights will help form the future direction of SNHN,” Kate stated. 

Ros is a registered and endorsed Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, skilled in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and other therapies, supervision of practitioners and mental health services. Ros is a graduate of UNSW and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

New Chair, Ros, said of the previous Chair, Kate Loxton, “The Board and I would like to recognise Kate’s leadership and contribution to SNHN’s direction. On assuming the role of Chair, Kate and the Board helped guide the Northern Sydney Primary Health Network through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.” 

“SNHN ably met this unprecedented global health event head-on along with the subsequent Covid vaccination rollout. We thank Kate for her stewardship of the Board over these most challenging times. I am pleased that Kate will continue contributing to SNHN until November’s AGM.” 

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