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Sponsored article: Five easy theme ideas for fundraising events

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Costume Fundraiser

It’s no secret that themed events are a great way to create some hype around a fundraising event and drive extra ticket sales. A well-chosen theme offers attendees the opportunity to dress up, take photos and spread an organisation’s fundraising message.

With this in mind, here are five popular themes that are primed and ready-to-go for your next fundraising event.

  1. Retro

Everybody loves revisiting their favourite era – whether that’s the eighties, nineties or noughties. A retro theme is always a safe way to create a fun atmosphere and an easy-going good time. After all, who doesn’t love dusting off the leg warmers, loading up the cassette tape and pumping up the jam?

  1. Halloween

If you’re scheduling in a fundraiser late in the year, then don’t pass up the opportunity to host a spooky Halloween-themed event. Although modern Halloween is traditionally a North American export, the growing popularity of the date in Australia is difficult to ignore. Besides, the diversity of costumes to choose from in this universal theme means that almost anyone can get involved!

  1. Oktoberfest

Another celebration later in the year is Oktoberfest. Yes, this date is traditionally marked as a celebration of beer, bratwurst and pretzels. But the right NFP organisation could capitalise on this date and hold a sensible party, trading a boozy night for one that celebrates a good cause instead.

  1. Superhero

There’s no denying Hollywood’s penchant for everything ‘super’. But where in the world would we be without our NFPs? A superhero theme for your next fundraiser, therefore, sounds rather fitting. With so many superheroes to choose from, this is a family-friendly option that anyone can get behind.

  1. TV & Movies

Another strong fundraising theme comes from the near-infinite world of the silver and small screens. With a theme like this, you can expect creative collisions from the realms of fantasy, thriller, sci-fi and sitcom. This idea would be a sure-fire ticket to a good time and make the basis of a memorable fundraiser.

In short, the best fundraisers invite the attendees to get involved – and a theme is a great way to encourage this participation. For more fundraising themes and ideas, be sure to check out the full costume catalogue over at Blossom Costumes.

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