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Sponsored: Have you tried Aon’s NFP insurance Puzzle Solver?

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As a leading insurance broker, Aon are committed to helping; community organisations, not-for-profits and charities find the right insurance cover to keep your organisation, volunteers and employees protected while doing their good work. As such, we’re proud to have launched the NFP Insurance Puzzle Solver to Third Sector organisations.

Feedback from our NFP association partners and current customers revealed that NFPs generally find organising insurance daunting and confusing with; too many risks, too many cover options, complicated jargon-led questions and cumbersome paperwork. This then caused NFPs to question whether they’d made the right insurance choices and if their organisation would actually be covered in the event of a claim.

Aon’s solution? The NFP Insurance Puzzle Solver.

After reviewing the risks faced and policies held by our NFP customers, we established the 6 key Insurance Puzzle Pieces for the NFP sector & created a quick, interactive and customer-friendly online tool to help you identify the right pieces for your organisation and then, either apply for only those covers online or get a call back from our dedicated NFP team.

The Insurance Puzzle Solver has also been created with the knowledge that, as all NFPs are unique, the insurance combinations you require will be too. For this reason, our Insurance Puzzle Solver allows you to apply for only the covers you need, giving you the confidence that you’ve got the right pieces of your insurance puzzle, plus a possible cost-saving.

Find out and apply for only the cover your NFP needs, with our Insurance Puzzle Solver today:,

Why else should you consider Aon?

*Endorsed insurance partner for members of Volunteering Australia, NCOSS, QCOSS and CTO.

*A dedicated NFP insurance team with 30+ years NFP sector experience to know

*Your partner during a claim – we can help you settle a claim with our insurer, if the worst happens.

*Expert advice – during purchase and renewal, to ensure that you’re not under or over-insured. We’ll make sure you have the right pieces of your NFP Insurance Puzzle.

*No forms at renewal – if your turnover hasn’t increased >20%, you’ve had no claims in the past year and your organisational activities remain mostly the same.

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