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Telstra gives back to the community

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Telstra Foundation Chairman Herb Elliott said that Telstra places high importance on the contribution to the community by its employees, who are among the approximately 5.4 million Australians that volunteer every year.

“I am pleased the Telstra Foundation has recognised this contribution with financial support that will help make a difference to the support and services our community groups provide, at a grassroots level.

“Not only do [volunteers] contribute through hours of physical work, but the community groups they run promote and engender a real spirit which bonds locals together,” Elliott said.

Depending on the Telstra employee’s level of commitment to the community group, grants range from $250 to $1,000 and will help purchase things like safety equipment for a coastguard service, wheelchairs and services for children with special needs, and veterinary care for homeless animals.

For more information about the Community Connection fund visit

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