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The gift of sustainability – generating income that lasts

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Acquiring funding is only the first step along the road for any not-for-profit (NFP) looking to sustain a strong and consistent income. Investing wisely matters when a charity’s work is for the long term.

Instead of relying on fundraising to support operations and planned activities, NFPs can invest their funds in a structured way so that their income is constant and ongoing.

Relevant professional help is essential for charities to structure investments and ensure that they are taking full advantage of legitimate tax strategies and generating long-term income.

Expert advice means that the amount of income that is earned and available for distribution can increase in the long term, even if the market value of the fund decreases over the same period.

ANZ Trustees works with charitable organisations to help them achieve their long-term goals through responsible investing. Its proprietary investment model ensures an original donation will keep delivering income for beneficiaries in perpetuity, something that any NFP with ongoing projects to support and staff to pay undoubtedly needs.

It is imperative that an investment professional works closely with NFPs to ensure objectives are met in a low-cost and tax-effective way. This ongoing strategy should:

  • Review the organisation’s needs and circumstances
  • Determine the organisation’s legal framework
  • Determine the best investment strategy
  • Determine asset allocation
  • Construct the appropriate portfolio
  • Take full advantage of franked income flows and tax efficient strategies.

Aside from the work of the investment expert, it is important for NFPs to regularly review investments to continue to offer exactly what is needed.

Working with a reliable investment advisor allows the philanthropic vision of a charitable organisation to be realised with greater impact than a one-off donation.

It is a valuable gift to the community that reliably keeps on giving, just like the work of your NFP.

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