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The Myer Foundation and Monash University join forces to address climate change

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ClimateWorks Australia – a partnership between The Myer Foundation and Monash University – will bring together philanthropic, government, business, community, research and education stakeholders to support projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Established by a $4.6m grant from The Myer Foundation, ClimateWorks Australia embodies a new strategic direction for philanthropy in this country.

Not only will ClimateWorks see cross-sector collaboration, but it will also cross borders with support from the US-based ClimateWorks Foundation, which co-ordinates an international philanthropic network advising government and business leaders on how to take action to address climate change.

The ClimateWorks Foundation has developed similar plans for several countries including Mexico, Indonesia and China.

Speaking at the official opening of ClimateWorks Australia, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that by linking philanthropy with a trusted university, ClimateWorks could hopefully act as an “honest broker” to confront a difficult global issue.

The ClimateWorks Action Fund, will foster philanthropic partnerships for climate-related projects. Monash University and The Myer Foundation have provided initial seed funding of $400,000 for the Climate Works Action Fund.

Professor John Thwaites, ClimateWorks Australia Chairman, said the organisation would play a pivotal role in brokering solutions for the most important national climate initiatives and connecting breakthrough research with practical outcomes.

Professor Thwaites said that philanthropy is well placed to show leadership on climate change because it is trusted, credible and independent.

“Through the ClimateWorks Action Fund, we will link key funders to projects delivering major behavioural and structural change and make lasting impacts on reducing emissions,” said Professor Thwaites.

“We’re excited about identifying practical ways to reduce emissions. We will find the best people to implement them, and work with business, government and community groups to get things done.”

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