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Third sector appointments

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The new CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia, Celia Hodson, founded The Eastern Enterprise Hub, which is one of the most successful social enterprise schools in the United Kingdom.

She has also held the position of CEO at Cambridge Co-operative Development Agency and at Choose Suffolk.

Sue Vardon has been appointed as Chair for Connecting Up‘s Board of Directors.

Vardon was formerly Chief Executive of Centrelink and was elected Telstra Business Woman of the Year at its inaugural ceremony in 1995.

She is a member of the National and South Australia State Boards of Red Cross, and is Deputy Chair of Australian Sponsorship for African Kids.

Vardon replaces Bruce Linn, who has resigned after five years as Chair.

Patricia Faulkner has retired from her position as Chair of the Australian Social Inclusion Board.

Faulkner has led the board since its inception in 2008 but has decided it is time for new leadership to take the board’s policy agenda forward.

Faulkner helped to establish a benchmark for measuring levels of social inclusion in Australia through the Australian Social Inclusion’s landmark report How Australia is Faring.

Third Sector congratulates Hodson and Vardon on their new roles and wishes Faulkner all the best with her new endeavours.

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