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Third Sector launches LinkedIn page

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third sector

Third Sector Australia now has a company page on LinkedIn.

This page is a platform for Third Sector to share the latest NFP news as well as giving our readers the opportunity to like, share, post and get involved in conversation.

We invite everyone to get involved. Do you need advice, or have advice to give? Do you have a question that needs answering, or the answer to a question posed on the forum? Do you have an opinion on government decisions that affect the NFP sector?

This will be the place to go to query, answer, opine or even vent.

You can also use the page to tell us what you think of Third Sector– what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see more of.

With this platform we promise passionate conversation, healthy debates and the opportunity to express opinions and thoughts about current issues in the NFP sector.

It is as easy as clicking ‘follow’ on the Third Sector Australia page.

Remember, we are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for all your latest NFP news. We also have a LinkedIn group where professionals from the NFP sector converse and discuss the latest issues in the NFP.


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