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Variety Heart Scholarships for 78 NSW & ACT Kids

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Variety – the Children’s Charity has awarded almost $300,000 in scholarships enabling 78 children across NSW and the ACT to pursue their sporting and artistic dreams.

Variety Heart Scholarships support children with an existing talent while living with disabilities, chronic illness or financial hardship.

The 2021 Scholarship round was a record for Variety with 78 scholarships awarded, valued at a total of $299,341.

Variety CEO Vanessa Barry said she was delighted for the kids – ranging in ages from 7 to 18 – who are incredibly accomplished across a diverse range of endeavours.

“From ice skating and alpine skiing to violin, cello and dance, these clever and capable young people are carving out some really interesting and incredible paths to extraordinary success,” she said.

“It is truly inspiring to see what these passionate and determined kids have already achieved at such young ages and we can’t wait to see what comes next for each of them.”

In praising the youngsters, Vanessa also acknowledged the contributions made by the adults in the children’s lives.

“So many adults spend their weekends attending competitions, getting kids to lessons and cheering them on from the sidelines,” she said.

“We believe it takes a village to raise a child and we are proud to stand with these adults in supporting these 78 talented young people.”

Vanessa said Variety has given the children the helping hand they need to focus on their goals, without worrying about the costs involved in achieving them.

“We all know how expensive extra-curricular activities can be – whether its uniforms, the cost of travel or tuition – as well the costs of treatment involved for those children who are living with a serious illness or disability,” she said.

“Variety is passionate about giving kids a fair go and our scholarships program is just one of the ways in which we are working to ensure that all children are able to attain their full potential, regardless of their background.”

“We are just really happy to be helping to remove some of the obstacles that may be standing in the way of these amazing children and to support them on their journey from their hometown to the world stage.”

Variety Heart Scholarships are made possible thanks to the generous support of presenting partners, the Grahame Mapp Family Foundation in honour of the late Gillian Mapp.


2021 Variety Heart Scholarship Recipients

Aaliyah 11 SPORT Wheelchair Basketball
Aimee 12 SPORT Swimming, Ten Pin Bowling
Amarli 15 THE ARTS Contemporary and Classical Dance
Anna 18 THE ARTS Music – Clarinet
Anzac 14 THE ARTS Dance
Ariik 13 SPORT Basketball
Ashlyn 13 THE ARTS Art
Aurora 16 THE ARTS Athletics
Caspian 14 SPORT Tennis
Charlie 11 THE ARTS Hip Hop Dancing
Chelsea 15 SPORT
Chris 18 SPORT Rodeo Rider
Clare 15 THE ARTS Dance
Edward 7 THE ARTS Music – Violin
Emily 15 SPORT Ice Skating
Emmagen 14 THE ARTS Singing
Gabriella G 14 SPORT Tennis
Gabriella H 18 SPORT Swimming
Grace 13 THE ARTS Violin
Harrison 15 THE ARTS Drumming
Harry A 15 SPORT Rugby, Athletics
Harry L 17 THE ARTS Painting, Photography
Harry S 17 SPORT Swimming, Athletics
Hayley 18 SPORT Swimming
Holly 16 SPORT Cricket
Honey 12 SPORT Cheerleading
Isaac 12 SPORT Swimming
Jade 14 THE ARTS Music – Trumpet
James 15 THE ARTS Music – Horn
Jaydah 7 SPORT Gymnastics
Jayne 17 THE ARTS Dancing
Jillarnie 15 SPORT Netball
Jordan 11 SPORT Ice Skating
Joshua S 18 SPORT Swimming, Ten Pin Bowling
Joshua T 12 SPORT Gymnastics
Josie 15 THE ARTS Violin, Singing & Ballet
Julio 15 SPORT Figure Skating
Jydon 13 SPORT Futsal (Indoor Soccer)
Kaden 18 SPORT Swimming
Kaelah 16 THE ARTS Artist
Kalon 13 SPORT Hockey
Keira 15 SPORT Athletics
Khang 14 THE ARTS Violin
Kiki 15 THE ARTS Acting
Kingsley 14 SPORT Basketball
Kyan 8 THE ARTS Performing Arts
Kynan 17 SPORT Athletics
Laura 16 SPORT Basketball
Layla 13 SPORT Athletics
Loagan 16 SPORT Touch Football/ Oz Tag
Luke 15 THE ARTS Cello, Acting, Music, Visual Arts
Madeline 14 THE ARTS Singing
Madison 16 SPORT Swimming
Malachi 14 SPORT Athletics
Maximos 12 SPORT Athletics, Cross Country, Tennis & Table Tennis
Maylyn 14 THE ARTS Cello
McKinley 16 SPORT Swimming


Miya 12 SPORT Gymnastics
Molly 16 SPORT Acrobatic Gymnastics
Monica 17 SPORT Swimming, Athletics
Nyah 16 THE ARTS Cello
Phoenix 14 THE ARTS Music
Piper 17 THE ARTS Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter
Porscha 14 SPORT Swimming
Shane-Anne 18 SPORT Gymnastics
Sienna 13 SPORT Dancing
Susan 12 THE ARTS Violin
Sylvia 17 THE ARTS Trombone, Euphonium
Tanisha 15 SPORT Swimming
Tyson 18 SPORT Goal Ball
Warne 9 SPORT Swimming
Willow 11 THE ARTS Music
Yareil 11 SPORT Basketball
Zac 16 SPORT Alpine Skiing
Zannalee 13 THE ARTS Dance
Zarhn 12 SPORT Swimming
Zoe 16 THE ARTS Dance


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