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Volunteering Unplugged during National Volunteer Week

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Volunteering Unplugged invites volunteers to share their experiences by posting a blog on the campaign’s website, which the organisation hopes will make it easier for those interested in volunteering to learn more about it, as well as exchanging and spreading information and ideas.

SEEK Marketing Director Helen Souness said that SEEK Volunteer – a non commercial partnership between SEEK and Volunteering Australia – offers more than 11,000 volunteering opportunities at any one time.

“Volunteers are essential to society, and many worthy causes would struggle to survive without the support of their volunteers,” Ms Souness said.

Volunteering Unplugged provides a forum for those volunteers who donate their time and energy to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

“In an employment environment where it pays to differentiate yourself, volunteering can be a great way for people to learn new skills and meet new people.”

Volunteering Australia national Communications Manager Peter Cocks said “Volunteering Unplugged will no doubt facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts and experiences that is an important aspect of driving the ongoing awareness and participation in volunteering.”

To find out more, or to share your experiences, visit

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