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Wage freeze: Retailers Association pleased but ACOSS and Government disappointed

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Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Executive Director Richard Evans said that leaving the Federal Minimum Wage unchanged would give much needed incentive to employers to retain staff.

“In its submission to the AFPC the ARA strongly recommended a ‘nil increase’ in the Federal Minimum Wage for 2009 to reflect the unique circumstances the great majority of Australian employers and employees are now experiencing,” he said.

ACOSS’ submission to the Commission called for a modest increase to at least maintain the real value of the minimum wage.

“In tough economic times, wage rises across the economy should be modest to help prevent job losses, but those on the lowest incomes shouldn’t have to bear the full brunt of wage restraint,” said Clare Martin, CEO, Australian Council of Social Service.

Speaking with the ABC’s Jon Faine (08/07/09), Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry said that it is “particularly disappointing for workers for example, in retail and hospitality, struggling to meet basic costs, at a difficult economic time.”

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