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WaterAid Australia’s Walk for Water Is Back

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Walk for Water

WaterAid Australia announces its upcoming fundraising event, the annual “Walk for Water,” aimed at raising awareness and funds to support clean water initiatives in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. 

The event will take place across Australia between 2-6 October 2023, and WaterAid is asking participants to walk, run or ride for five days to raise funds and awareness for WaterAid’s vital work. 

The Walk for Water event highlights the challenges faced by millions of people who walk long distances every day to fetch clean water, a task that takes a toll on their health, education, and overall well-being. 

In fact, 771 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have clean water close to home. 

Girls and boys often begin collecting water as children, and girls continue to collect and carry water throughout their lives. Many girls spend hours each day collecting water, which often means they are late for school, or miss school altogether. 

“Water issues are global issues and there are huge challenges facing the entire planet and many communities locked out of opportunities because of lack of access to basic necessities such as safe drinking water and sanitation,” said Gillian Blythe, Chief Executive of Water New Zealand. 

By signing up for Walk for Water, participants will experience a symbolic journey during the Walk for Water event, walking, running or riding a distance to symbolise the distance many people must travel daily to collect water. 

“Taking part in this challenge not only reminds us of the importance of our work but also extends our impact to make a positive difference in communities less fortunate than ours,” said Pat McCafferty, Managing Director Yarra Valley Water. 

The event serves as a reminder of the daily hardships faced by lack of access to clean water, while also celebrating the progress WaterAid has made in providing clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to those in need. 

One of WaterAid’s biggest supporters, The Australian water sector has led on registrations, creating corporate teams across the country ready to walk, run and ride. This year, support has extended internationally, with Water New Zealand taking part. 

Leading these teams is a group of dedicated Water Leaders, taking on an ambassadorial role in the event to help raise funds and awareness. 

“As a water leader, I’m motivated to support any efforts to increase access to water for deprived people across the world and to improve quality of life. Walking for water is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved,” added Blythe.  

According to McCafferty, the funds raised through Walk for Water will help communities around the world gain access to clean water sources close to home, freeing up women’s time and enabling girls to spend more time at school.  

Last year alone, WaterAid reached 413,000 household members,154,000 school students and 2,194,000 patients in healthcare facilities with access to clean water*. Funds raised through Walk for Water are vital in maintaining and extending that impact. 

“The journey to clean water is a shared path and by participating in WaterAid’s Walk for Water, people are not just taking steps, they are taking a stand, to help bring the basic human right of clean water to those who need it most. Support of Walk for Water will help WaterAid transform lives, one step at a time,” said Tom Muller, CEO of WaterAid Australia.  

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Menchie Khairuddin is a writer Deputy Content Manager at Akolade and content producer for Third Sector News. She is passionate about social affairs specifically in mixed, multicultural heritage and not-for-profit organisations.


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