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What keeps association executives up at night

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The survey showed that membership and revenue issues were the most common concerns for association executives. This is logical since an association’s revenue usually depends on membership numbers.

“It makes sense that this pair of issues would preoccupy the Australasian Society of Association Executives’ (AuSAE’s) members since nearly two thirds report that they work for membership-based associations,” said Managing Director of research and strategy consultancy THINK: Insight & Advice Randall Pearce.

“Less than half a per cent report ‘other trading operations’ as a key activity that could offset a drop in membership revenue.”

Advocacy, governance and communications were also found to be key concerns for association executives, with each of these being in the top five responses to the question ‘What keeps you up at night’?.

The survey was donated by research and strategy consultancy THINK: Insight & Advice and was conducted online with the incentive of a chance to win an iPad2, donated by Strategic Management Solutions.

“We’re delighted with the response to this year’s survey and we want to thank our business partners for making it a reality,” said President of AuSAE Simon Pryor.

“We need good information to make good decisions.”

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